KFML AM-FM  Colorado Free Form Radio

Scott Coen, Debbie Dearing, Ed Chatham, Budge Threlkeld, Kirby Johanson

Brian Kreizenbeck, Lani Fisher

      Thom Trunnell, Sandy Phelps, Brian Kreizenbeck

     David Shepardson and Cliff Robertson

    Donald Dean, Thom and Les McCann

      Brian, Somebody, Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary) and Ham Agnew

   Thom and Budge Threlkeld

      Bill Ashford and Thom Trunnell

  Thom and Harry Tuft

 The Rolling Stones Party

 Thom and Brian with Big Brother and the Holding Company

   Brian, Dan, Bodie and Lani


Text Box:   David Shepardson and Peter Bogdanovich

    Brian and Lani

   Newspaper Clipping courtesy of Shannan Marie Herman

  James “Butch” Grayer

   Tony Guillory

Text Box: