KFML AM-FM  Colorado Free Form Radio

Text Box: June 6, 1995  (Original writing)  Referring to times about 1971/1972

By Sandy Phelps

Better Days – Was a band in the 70’s with Paul Butterfield, Geoff Muldaur, and other folks from upper New York State.   Bearsville, I think, was the name of the label.  It was in those old days when everything was happening.  I was On-The –Radio – in Boulder.  Wow, what’s going on here? – TOWN!  Rock & Roll – we’re the top of the heap, King-Of-The-Mountain.  I mean, It was the whole community coming together to help one another as it was supposed to be.
My Dad thoroughly believed that people should help people.  He and my Mom got to meet Martin Luther King, Jr.  It was in the late 50”s.  I wasn’t there, because I was at college.  I think it must have been when I was at Colorado State College in Greeley.
Anyway we were playing tunes for the people and they were loving it.  I mean people were stopping by the station and saying Hello, Thanks, We love you, Here, have a joint, Have a beer, a snort, some mushrooms, mescaline and tequila.  
In ways we understood everything about life and the universe.  We had leaders like Jackson Brown, the Beatles, Tim Buckley, Cream, the “Nights in White Satin” boys, Moody Blues, Procol Harem – Robin Trower will always be one of my favorite guitar players.  Pink Floyd was the number one album of the year when it came out.  
Buffalo & I were excluded from the party at Barry Fey’s house for the Rolling Stones Concert.  It was the one that had Stevie Wonder opening the show at the coliseum, where the Western Stock Show takes place every year.  Anyway some folks at the station didn’t think that we should be allowed the pleasure of partying with the Stones,  probably due to our status at KFML.  He was last hired and I was the woman.  Fuck that shit!  We got together and barged in on the party.
We all had to meet at the station and travel together in a van, so that no one could figure out where Berry Fey’s house was, somewhere in Littleton.
God, it was Strange!.  There I was turning-on the chauffeurs who brought the Magic ones – Mick, Keith, Charlie, Bill!  Somewhere between the speed, a hint of cocaine (What a lot of lies!  Always those promises of endless lines of coke – and what other illusions.)  Dan Fong had served up a 10 course dinner.  It was wonderful.  I made it to about course number 6 and split in search of drugs.  I was able to enjoy some strong pot, my favorite of all time – it seems to have everything wrapped up into one O.K. Thing.
Talking Heads are taking to me to the river for the millionth time – the pulse always pushes me to the edge.  There is no way to describe music – what it does – how it sends chills up your spine….  Weather Report – River People…..