KFML AM-FM  Colorado Free Form Radio

  Mill Valley, CA 1975

Dalton LeRoy Hursh (Reno)


Dalton was raised in Reno, Nevada and took on the nickname Reno.

He wanted to be a radio disk jockey like his uncle but also enjoyed performing card and magic tricks with his brother Mick Hursh whose nickname was Buffalo.


Reno decided to attend The Cris Borden School of Broadcasting in San Francisco where he was living at the time. His first radio DJ job was in Bakersfield CA, KWAC.

 From there Reno worked as a DJ in Pacific Grove CA, Indio CA, Ukiah CA, and Salt Lake City, Utah.


In 1965 Reno moved to S.F. after his brother Buffalo encouraged him to come experience the people and music of "The Summer of Love" generation.


Reno wanted to bring this music to radio where only top 40 tunes and oldies were being played.

He approached Tom Donahue, a program director and DJ whom he admired, and got an interview with the possibility of his own radio show. Reno shared his ideas with Tom about bringing the music that was being played at ballrooms, parks, and clubs to his radio show.


Tom Donahue didn't hire Reno and changed his own format bringing this new music to the airways.

Reno did get hired at another radio station in S.F. but didn't get the notoriety of being the first DJ to change the programming and play the S.F. music of the 60's.


The good part is that the change did happen, and Reno was the first DJ to bring it to light.

I know this is true because I was married to Reno during his radio days, and I became the drummer for The Ace of Cups, the first all lady rock and roll band in the San Francisco Bay Area.


In loving memory of Reno,


Diane Vitalich - www.theaceofcups.com


July 12, 2010